Essential Spay & Neuter SurgerySpay and Neuter in Wisconsin Rapids

When you have your male pet neutered or your female pet spayed, you give them medical and behavioral benefits they couldn’t receive any other way. You also help combat animal overpopulation in one of the most important ways other than adopting your next pet.  As of right now, there are simply more pets than there are families available to adopt them. By responsibly spaying or neutering your pet, you increase other pets’ chances of adoption.

New Pet? Visit Us for A Nose-to-Tail Exam

Since the exact time each pet should be spayed or neutered varies, it’s important to visit for a full nose-to-tail examination if you have a new pet. This examination works as a pre-surgical, vaccination, and preventive care assessment among other things. For newly adopted puppies or kittens, we advise pet parents to schedule an initial examination during their first few months of life. At this time, we determine a vaccination schedule and an estimate of when a patient will be ready to be spayed or neutered.

We weigh a variety of factors before scheduling spay or neuter surgery, including:

  • The type and breed of pet
  • Lifestyle tendencies, including a pet’s potential to mate
  • Any medical conditions indicated by pre-surgical bloodwork

What About When?

The average age when most pets are spayed or neutered is around six months old. If you have a cat or small breed dog, they may be ready for surgery sooner rather than later. Larger breed dogs fully mature at a later age. Therefore, we may delay spay or neuter surgery until we feel like they’re ready. We may advise that pets with medical issues delay their surgery to avoid potential complications.

Spay and Neuter in Wisconsin RapidsWhat About the Benefits?

Many of the benefits pets receive from being spayed or neutered are fully realized when surgery is done before sexual maturation. For instance, the chances for pyometra, a life-threatening uterine infection, are eliminated in female pets if they’re spayed before their first heat cycle. In male pets, the chances for testicular cancer is eliminated if neutering is done early. Besides the medical benefits, you and your pet receive behavioral benefits in the form of reduced aggression in male pets and a reduced tendency to roam in both male and female pets. Urine marking in males and females as well as a reduced likelihood to hump in male pets.

Please contact us for more information about spay and neuter surgery. We look forward to helping you and your four-legged friend. Schedule a pet exam today!