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About Woodland

Woodland Veterinary Clinic, Ltd. in Wisconsin Rapids, WI is a compassionate small animal clinic devoted to educating clients about the long term care of their pets, and providing those pets with quality veterinary care to help them achieve happy, healthy, long lives with their owners.

Since our inception in 1993, our goal has been to promote excellent veterinary health care to responsible pet owners, remembering each client and pet relationship is unique.  From puppy/kitty-hood through adulthood, this includes routine preventative care for healthy pets, early detection and treatment of diseases, and medical and surgical care deemed necessary throughout their lives.

Our staff is committed to providing the personal attention it takes to guide our clients to raising a cherished, companion animal family member.  Our website is an extension of the care provided in the clinic.  Peruse the tabs for more information about our practice and the services we provide, our online store, some online forms to speed up your future visit, and additional educational resources.

Unique Features at Woodland

Joanne and Purrl at little free library

Little Free Library #20329

Established in 2014, the purpose of the Library is to promote literacy and a love of reading.  Exchange some of your favorite books for some interesting new ones that others have left behind.  If you have time to leave a note in our LFL journal, that would be great.  Check out

Drive Up Window

Call ahead and use our convenient, drive-up window to pick up your pet’s medications. Maybe you forgot to bring a fecal or the technician has requested a follow-up fecal, collect it and just drop it off via the drive-up window. Did you need some Heartgard+ or NexGard and you’re in a hurry; drive up and we can get it for you (call ahead and it’s already waiting on the counter for you). How about a refill of that heavy bag of prescription dog food? Stop at the drive-up, let us know you’re here, then pull ahead and we’ll put it in your car.

Purrl the cat on top of van